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Plots in the Works :: this section provides a list of stories I am currently in the process of outlining or brainstorming. No actual stories are posted in this section.

Drafts on the Desk :: this section houses the stories I am currently writing. All story links point off-site to the associated yahoo group for this site.

Pages on the Counter :: this section provides a list of stories I am currently in the process of reviewing for any minor edits or possible rewrites. No actual stories are posted in this section.

Fics on the Shelf :: this section houses the stories that have been placed on-hold for an indefinite amount of time. The stories in this section are not complete, will not be updated any time soon, and are subject to a complete rewrite once whatever issue keeping them on the back-burner has been resolved. Read these stories at your own risk.


History :: this section provides details of how this site began and its ongoing evolution.

Awards :: a listing of recognitions and awards this site has won.

Memberships :: a listing of fan-based groups, member-lists, mailing lists, and etc. this site is a member of.

Disclaimers :: acknowledgement of those who actually own and created the various TV series, movies, books, anime/manga, etc. and their characters and related images, as well as the original works, images, and characters found within this site.

Site News :: an off-site link to the Site News tag on my Live Journal that keeps visitors up-to-date with the most recent updates and changes made to this site.

Site FAQs :: where all those frequently asked questions from visitors who frequent this website are answered.

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@ FanFiction.Net :: an off-site link to my profile on FanFiction.Net where some of my fanfiction is archived.

@ FictionPress.Com :: an off-site link to my profile on FictionPress.Com where a few of my original works are archived.

@ Live Journal :: an off-site link to my Live Journal where I post all other announcements related to this site, additional author notes or discussions related to a particular story, information if this site goes offline for some odd reason, and more.

@ Yahoo! Groups :: an off-site link to my FanTales Yahoo Group where I post my works-in-progress and where visitors to the site can read and discuss my stories as they are being written.


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